Sunday, 24 August 2014

Benefits of choosing VPS Hosting

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VPS Hosting is the process of hosting a server meant for the client in order to provide them with a powerful and affordable machine in a virtual way. In fact VPS is the most recent form of web hosting which may be classified as the hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

There are several benefits associated with the process of VPS Hosting and among these benefits; some of them can be listed as follows:

1.)The VPS Hosting is less expensive in comparison to the dedicated and shared hosting and thus saves good amount of money which can be used for various other purposes.
2.)The plans associated with such VPS Hosting can be customized in much better and easy way and any service not required can be left behind by the users.
3.)Greater control over hosting can be availed.
4.)Ability to use scripts and the access to the root can be availed in the case of VPS Hosting which cannot be used in any other form of hosting services.
5.)The VPS Hosting is self dependent and thus better security can be availed with such hosting.
6.)Every server uses its own CPU and RAM and thus reliability and performance is far higher in the case of VPS.

There are many providers of VPS hosting in India which provide VPS Hosting at reasonable price and ensures the better service to the clients. These VPS hosting providers provide the services in both the platforms i.e., Linux VPS web hosting and windows VPS web hosting and thus ensures that maximum users avail the great features of the VPS hosting. VPS Hosting has more numerous advantages associated with it and more importantly all those advantages and features come at the same price of Shared and dedicated web hosting.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What to look for in a Server Management Company

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Server Management is the process of maintenance of a web server. In a fully managed server, it is the responsibility of web host to manage server. There are many factors to look for in a Server Management Company which can be used to determine the supremacy of the company and the better services related to Server management.
These factors can be listed as follows:

1.)Try to choose a transparent company i.e. a company which have the transparent approach towards their work and can guide you in Server Management in the best way.

2.)Always go for the companies which offer 24*7 troubleshooting facilities and are relaly concerned about the clients’ reviews regarding their services.

3.)The company which explains you about the security methods they are going to take in the safety of the data of your organization.

4.)Don’t always go for a big Server management company as they may have too many clients to handle and may not give adequate time and services which you require. Small and new companies which eager to work and give the best services to the clients can be a better choice to avail server management services in India and other countries.

5.)The other factor which should be considered while the choice of a server management company is the consistency on the advice and support on Data Migration activities to your. The company should at regular interval keep on advising on various topics concerned.

6.)Another important point to be considered before hiring any such company is to see whether that company is reliable and trustworthy enough to be handled all of yours’ important data and information.

These are some of the vital points which should be analyzed upon before deciding to take the services of any server management company.